Jay Osho

An experiment gone awry.

Like any great actor, he’ll be whatever you need him to be. But, as himself.

To define the scope of who or even what Jay Osho is would be incredibly impossible. But for the sake of getting hired, let’s just say he’s an actor. With a method that is consistent with insanity, he will deliver a performance unmatched by any other soul. The sheer depth of his characters will captivate any audience.


  • High Street (2019)
  • Of Dionysus (2017)
  • The Guild (2016)

Sponsorships / Endorsements

  • Pwr_Plt
  • Bandulu Cultural Espionage

Alter Egos

  • Jack Nabh
  • Nik Gupta
  • Shadow

What started off as an artistic exercise has blossomed into a catastrophic mind bender.

Since 2015, Jay Osho has been taking surrealism to an unprecedented level, the craftmanship of his art form plunges not only himself but the audience into the experience of a lifetime. From multiple social media accounts interacting with one another to on-and-off screen antics, each persona Jay Osho embodies is a glimpse into a new world.

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